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Updates & Errata

Updates & Errata

Please check your pattern for updates and errata. We always update our patterns and this web-page for clearer information and error correction. We check every pattern several times as well as make at least one project from the pattern.

Some times these things get overlooked, and are errors, and sometimes quilters have asked us for more information or elaboration. All corrections and elaborations are included in all products that we have not shipped or yet printed. However, your copy may be an older version.

The patterns that have been updated are listed below. Just because you bought your pattern today does not preclude it from having been on a shelf or in a box at a quilt shop or distributor for years!

Listed are the patterns and the page / step on which the updated information belongs. Sometimes we will print only the error and at others we will print the entire page(s).

Check the list to find if your pattern is listed. If you pattern is listed:

  • Click on each of the the list items with your pattern
  • Print out the information or correct your copy of the pattern

If you have any questions, suggestions, or found errors about any of our patterns, errors please contact Forever In Stitches, LLC at +1.419.358.0656 or errata@fisllc.com.

Thank you.

RGRB01 Drawing The Line On Accuracy, Page 26

RGRB02 Twister Chaser Edition 1

Patternette Applique Instructions

RGR180 Star Struck, Page 4 Step 37, Page 6 Outside Border Cutting

RGR147 Fly, Fly Away, Cover through 3

RGR146 Team Spirit, Page 1

RGR146 Team Spirit, Back Page

RGR145 OSU Star Throw, Back Page

RGR145 OSU Star Throw, Page 1, Step 1

RGR145 OSU Star Throw, Steps 10, 13, 15, 19

RGR144 Windy Day, Back Page

RGR143 OSU Placemat, Back Page

RGR143 OSU Placemat, Page 3, Step 34

RGR132 Ultimate Diaper Bag & Changing Mat, Back Page

RGR131 Travel Jewelry Keeper, Page 2

RGR123 Cactus Flower, Pages 6-10

RGR122 Striped Tumbling Block, Pages 1, 2, & Back

RGR113 Log Cabin Tulips Table Runner, Page 2 & Back

RGR114 Bow Tie's Star, Page 2, step 2

RGR112 Quilt Of Many Colors, Page 26

RGR112 Quilt Of Many Colors, Back Page

RGR099 Road to the White House, Step 18

RGR097 Patchwork Star, Page 1

RGR097 Patchwork Star, Page4

RGR090 Diamonds Are A Girl's Best Friend, Page 7

RGR088 Scrappy Trails To You, Page 5

RGR088 Scrappy Trails To You, Page 8

RGR088 Scrappy Trails To You, Page 19

RGR085 Striated Star, Page 10

RGR085 Striated Star, Page 15

RGR085 Striated Star, Using CGREU2 Alternative Ruler

RGR080 Bear's Paw Sampler, Page 27

RGR068 Charming 9-Patch Quilt, Page 2

RGR065 Acorn Runner, Page 3