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Donations & Prizes

Quilt Shops, Guilds, and Clubs often need prizes for their events in order to generate interest.These event could be shop hops, one-stop shop hops, guild or club shows, and the like.


Raggedy Ruth Designs has a select program of donating gifts to worthy quilting undertakings. To date we have provided donations and prizes to dozens of clubs, quilds, shops, churchs, and other organizations.


The reason is simple: we have found that the best advertising for the Perfect Corner Ruler™ and other products is from those who use them.


If your organization needs prizes or donations please let us know at Prizes@RaggedyRuthDesigns.com. Also, please include some verifying information, such as a name, phone, organization or event web-site, and the expected attendance.


We will get back to you in two weeks as to the contents of our prize.