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Donations & Prizes

Quilt Shops, Guilds, and Clubs often need prizes for their events in order to generate interest.These event could be shop hops, one-stop shop hops, guild or club shows, and the like.


Raggedy Ruth Designs has a select program of donating gifts to worthy quilting undertakings. To date we have provided donations and prizes to over a dozen other organizations.


The reason is simple: we have found that the best advertising for the Perfect Corner Ruler™ and other products is from those who use them.


Likewise, there is a limit to the number of donations that we can make.


If your organization is a reasonable fit please let us know at Prizes@RaggedyRuthDesigns.com. Also, please include some verifying information, such as a name, phone, shop or event web-site, and the expected attendance.


We will get back to you in two weeks as to the contents of our prize.